14. Ukraine – Adagio Latin – Irpin Formation

Theme of the choreography Unbreakable
Name of the trainers : Saliamon Vitalii, Saliamon-Mikhieieva Kateryna
Information of the team: Adagio Formation Team Irpin was created in 2018 to participate in theUkrainian Formation Championship. The team consists of members of the sports ballroom dance club „Adagio“ who live in Irpin and Bucha.
Some participants are now defending our country in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In such a difficult time, we do not stop and continue to train. We must be strong and remain UNBREAKABLE.
Team captains and coaches of judges of the national category of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Dance Sports Kateryna Saliamon-Mikhieieva and Vitalii Saliamon.
The formation team became the Champions of Ukraine among the formationteams of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.
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15. Slovakia – INTERKLUB Bratislava

Interklub Bratislava war gegrundet am 5.1.1967 mit Ehepaar Stiavnicky. Mit dem Formationstanz haben die Mitglieder des Interklub angefangen im Jahr 1984, wenn die  Formation zum ersten mal  bei der WM  in Bremen  teilgenommen   hat  . Im Jahr 1986 hat sich die Interklub Formation zum Finale bei der WM in Doetinchen durchgetantzt und hat den 5.Platz belegt. Ab 1987 hat sich die Formation des Interklub nur an die Standardformation spezialisiert und hat 10mal hintereinander im Finale der WM oder EM getantzt.

Die neue Choreographie QUEEN ist kurz vor COVID Zeit erstellt worden und in Braunschweig wird zum ersten mal bei der WM presentiert.

Jantar Elblag

14. Poland – JANTAR Elblag

After few years of break the JANTAR Elbląg FormationTeam is back to present the new choreography to the music of the legendary Queen.

The modern choreography is atribute to a magnificent artist- FreddieMercury. In this choreography one can find a lot of elements that has defined Freddie’s stage performance. The music experiments with the form by mixing classicrock with Standardrhythms and even keeps the composition of one of the biggest Queenhits- Bohemian Rhapsody.

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13. Poland – FANTAN Kraśnik

Thema: King Of The Jungle
Choreographer: Michał Oleszczyński
Trainers: Barbara Jaworska–Mazur, Michał Oleszczyński, Paweł Mazur
This dance formation works since 2018 at the Center of Culture and Promotion in Kraśnik-Poland.
In 2022,she took second place at the FTS Polish Championship. In 2021 and 2022 she was awarded the title of Polish Champion of Dance Formations PTT in her category.
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12. Poland – Finezja Slawno

Finezja Sławno performed for the first time during The Polish Dancing Championship this year.
Were present our region-the north of Poland-a small town Sławno at the Baltic Sea.
The name of the choreography: „The Great Gatsby“.
Trainers of formation are: Anna Zielińska, Łukasz Prochacki.
Choreographer-Łukasz Prochacki.
Foto 1_CMG Radom, Poland 2022

12. Poland – CMG Radom

Last national result: First place from last year’s Polish Latin Formation Championship–Elbląg18.09.2022.
Last international result: 8th place European Latin Formation CC Championship in Vienna 2022
Teaminfo: It is a very young team. The youngest dancer is 13, the oldest one is 18, but average age is 15. Most of the team is dancing for the first time during such an important competition-World Championship Formation Latin.
Many generations of polish dancers from our Club “Akademia Tańca CMG” have represented Poland in World and European Championships for over 33 years.
We would love to do our best and reach the final. The show is called “Queen”.
DSV Sway of Life B-team 1

12. Netherlands – DSV Sway of Life – B-Team

Theme: Moulin Rouge

Trainers: Roel Findhammer & Claudia Jansen – Findhammer


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Moulin Rouge! After a great debut at the Dutch championships, DSV Sway of Life B-team is very excited to dance their first world championship. DSV Sway of Life B-team presents Moulin Rouge, a great and dynamic show with music from the famous movie.


Thijs Ikink and Marloes Kampert
Dave Vogel and Eline van der Meer
Roel Arts and Madelief Verwiel
Joep Veldhoven and Lieke Galas
Sebastiaan Kuipers and Silvie Schonen
Max Beving and Inge Blaas
Jasper Mols and Romy van Bommel
Walter Rensen and Amber Gülcher

Back up:

Ted van Gageldonk
Laura Peters
Kayleigh Grobben
Kim van den Bogaard

DSV Sway of Life A-team 1

11. Netherlands – DSV Sway of Life – A-Team

Theme: Aladdin

Trainers: Roel Findhammer & Claudia Jansen – Findhammer


DSV Sway of Life A-team presents: Aladdin! After the great result of making the 3rd place at the European Championships, just three weeks ago in Nürnberg, Dutch champion DSV Sway of Life A-team is very eager to finally show their new choreography in Braunschweig. Join us on this spectacular journey through a magical, whole new world.


10. Netherlands – Double V A

Work it! ist ein Gefühl, ein Bedürfnis sich zu bewegen. Work it! ist das verlangen das Publikum mitnehmen zu wollen um sich selbst zu vertrauen und das Leben nach seinen eigenen Vorstellungen zu leben. Work it! ist nicht nur ein choreo… Work it! ist ein Lebensweg.

Neben dem “I Like the way you work it” von Blackstreet begleitet die Melodie des Liedes “Bella ciao” aus die spanische Fernsehserie Haus des Geldes die Mannschaft auf seine Weg.

Work it! ist ein weiterer Meilenstein in der Geschichte des sich immer wieder neu erfinden Double V A team das diese Jahr sein 40 jährige Jubiläum feiert

NDL dance Impression

11. Netherlands – DSV Dance Impression Latin team

DSV Dance Impression, originally a ballroom team that came to Braunschweig very often already, is happy to visit Braunschweig this time with its latin team!


The team is experienced, won severaltitles and now is looking forward to compete in this combined ballroom and latin worldchampionship.

Dancing one of the most famous formation choreographies in the world, we look forward to dance in the fantastic Volkswagenhalle in Braunschweig and we hope you enjoy our performance!