DSV Sway of Life B-team 1

Netherland 2 – DSV Sway of Life – B-Team

Theme: Moulin Rouge

Trainers: Roel Findhammer & Claudia Jansen – Findhammer


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Moulin Rouge! After a great debut at the Dutch championships, DSV Sway of Life B-team is very excited to dance their first world championship. DSV Sway of Life B-team presents Moulin Rouge, a great and dynamic show with music from the famous movie.


Thijs Ikink and Marloes Kampert
Dave Vogel and Eline van der Meer
Roel Arts and Madelief Verwiel
Joep Veldhoven and Lieke Galas
Sebastiaan Kuipers and Silvie Schonen
Max Beving and Inge Blaas
Jasper Mols and Romy van Bommel
Walter Rensen and Amber Gülcher

Back up:

Ted van Gageldonk
Laura Peters
Kayleigh Grobben
Kim van den Bogaard

DSV Sway of Life A-team 1

Netherland 1 – DSV Sway of Life – A-Team

Theme:  Aladdin

Trainers: Roel Findhammer & Claudia Jansen – Findhammer


DSV Sway of Life A-team presents: Aladdin! After the great result of being finalist at the World championships in 2019, Dutch champion DSV Sway of Life A-team is very eager to finally show their new choreography in Braunschweig. Join us on this spectacular journey through a magical, whole new world.


Bart van Nistelrooij and Milou Serbée
Brian van Riel and Kirsten Branderhorst
Gordian Zomer and Sofie Nooijen
Benoît Viguier and Michelle Boonstra
Malcolm van Hemert and Miriam Meijerhof
Tyco Landman and Laura Verkerk
Jesse Zwamborn and Esmé Rijndertse
Youri Haenen and Anne Inkenhaag

Laura Al Siameri


Czech Republik 2 – Taneční formace Starlet Brno

Der Kampf um die Macht ist nie nur ein Zusammenprall von Gut gegen Böse. Jeder Akteur in diesem Kampf ist eine komplizierte Persönlichkeit mit seinen Qualitäten, Wünschen und Absichten, die er in diesen Kampf trägt. Diese Idee ist das Hauptmotiv der Game of Thrones-Serie, und diese Idee inspirierte auch das Thema der Choreografie der Starlet Brno Dance Formation.

Die Tanzformation Starlet Brno wurde 2011 gegründet. Unter der Leitung des Choreografen und Trainers Milan Bačiak wurden wir 2015 und 2017 Meister der Tschechischen Republik. Der derzeitige Choreograf und Trainer ist Matěj Janák 

The struggle of power is never just a clash of good against evil. Each actor in this struggle is a complicated personality with his qualities, desires and intentions that he carries into this struggle.This idea is the main motif of the Game of Thrones series, and this idea also inspired the theme of the choreography of the Starlet Brno Dance Formation.The dance formation Starlet Brno was founded in 2011. Under the leadership of choreographer and coach Milan Bačiak, we became Champions of the Czech Republic in 2015 and 2017. The current choreographer and trainer is Matěj Janák


Czech Republik 1 – Danza Brno

The DANZA Brno team was established in Brno in the Czech Republic in 1991 and has been competing in standard formations since 2018. So far, the team has participated in only three national standard formation championships and has won twice. At our premiere at the World Championships in 2019 in Moscow, we managed to make it to the finals and won the 5th place.

Theme of the choreography :   La La Land

Choreographer:  Kateřina Pohlodková

Name of the trainers:                                     Viktor Janč, Jana Jančová, Kateřina Pohlodková

Libalforte Belgium

Belgium – Libalforte

Libalforte Belgium

Team Description Libalforte

It all started in 1992 when a group of friends, all taking dance classes, wanted something more than just dancing around the floor. They had heard that there was such a thing as formation dancing and they liked it. They searched for a teacher and found a motivated dance teacher who was willing to teach them the secrets of formation dancing.

It soon became apparent that both, dancers and teachers, were ambitious and really wanted to go a step further: performing in real Ballroom dance dresses. However, that costs a lot of money! In order to be self-supporting, a dance club had to be established to acquire and manage the necessary funds. That happened 1992 when this new dance club was given the melodious name: LICHTAARTS BALLROOM FORMATION TEAM, abbreviated to Libalforte. Since that moment the club started giving dance lessons to other people, as they still do today.

Started in 1992 as a group of friends who wanted to perform, our club has become what it is today, an active and dynamic club with about 280 members.

The formation team is still a group of friends. All dance couples are also partners in daily life. However, Libalforte has won several times the title of Belgian Champion Formation Standard. Since our first appearance on the World Championship in 2009, this will be our 4th appearance.